With the growing trade and opportunities that will flow to Chinese and Australian entrepreneurs and investors from the Free Trade Agreement and One Belt One Road Vision,  Bill Lang International has three service offerings:

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Engaging Chinese Consumers

The growing number and purchasing power of Chinese consumers, both as visitors to western countries like Australia as well as citizens of mainland China call for increased knowledge, service capability and technology platforms to successfully engage in harmonious business. Working closely with the team at the Institute of Advanced Business Studies (www.iabs.edu.au) research is currently underway to formulate winning strategies and cost-effective solutions for businesses to offer and deliver high quality and win-win experiences, products and services for Chinese consumers.

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Innovation Partners
(ACI Partners)

ACI Partners logoACI Partners brings together entrepreneurs, investors and business development executives who have a shared commitment to leveraging each other’s innovations, market knowledge and investment capital to generate High Return on Investment ventures.

Venture sectors are Health, Education and the Agri-food with a focus on leveraging the China – Australia FreeTrade Agreement and the One Belt One Road Initiative.  Investors predominantly are active sector participants in China or Australia.

Visit www.acipartners.com.au to learn more

Accelerating Skills to Serve Chinese Customers and Businesses

The China Business Accelerator provides a series of series to accelerate business success in serving Chinese customers. We help businesses interested in attracting and serving Chinese tourists, forming successful Chinese business partnerships and strategy for start-ups and growth businesses seeking successful market entry into the world’s most dynamic and complex marketplace.

Information can be found at www.chinabusinessaccelerator.com

G’day Friends

G'day Friendswww.gdayfriends.com is a platform for Australian businesses seeking to attract and delight Chinese customers. Chinese customers inside Australia include the over 2 million annually that visit as tourists or live here as students and residents. In China, over 500 million people bought online in 2017.

Visit www.gdayfriends.com to learn how your business can grow revenues from the Chinese consumer segment.