Two versions of the SuccessMAP Acceleration program*, Startup Acceleration and Scale-Up Acceleration will be offered nationally by Bill Lang International in 2021.

Startup Acceleration

Suitable for startups or early stage innovations

SuccessMAP Startup Acceleration will be available to successful applicants who are in the early-stage of commercialising a new innovation which may be a product, service or process. SuccessMAP Startup acceleration program has a four month duration.  There will be three intakes in 2021.

Scale-Up Acceleration

Suitable for established businesses

SuccessMAP Scale-Up Acceleration will be available to successful applicants who already have an established business that is profitable and that has the potential to scale nationally or internationally. The Scale -Up program has a duration of six months. There will be two intakes in 2021.

Bill Lang International is now accepting applications for its 2021 SuccessMAP Acceleration programs, Startup Acceleration and Scale-Up Acceleration.  The intakes will commence from March.  Each intake will have a maximum of 20 places.

Some applicants may be eligible for financial assistance from the federal government, their university or their state government.

For information on eligibility, intake dates, program elements, delivery options, the mentoring team, application closing dates and participation fees please complete the information form.

Startup acceleration program title

Information form

Results of SuccessMAP 2014-2016 program

*Our first SuccessMAP Acceleration program was a Victorian Government initiative for emerging businesses who required access to advice, mentoring, coaching, capital and specialist networks to achieve high growth aspirations.

A number of eligibility requirements were mandatory. Applications were received and detailed interviews with entrepreneurs held. A smaller number of the applicants were then offered a place in the program subject to signing their participation contract and paying their fee contribution.

The participation fee was $10,000 and successful applicant entrepreneurs received a $9,000 contribution from the government. Entrepreneurs were required to contribute $1,000.

Since January 2014, Bill Lang International has had 114 businesses complete the program.

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